Monthly Fundraiser

Location: McDonald's on 2424 Cypress Creek Parkway, Houston TX, 70068

Time: 5pm-7pm


Black Bear Diner Fundraiser Next! 06/19

Empowering Lives, Honoring Service

Compassionate Homeless Veterans Placement and Assisted Living Facility for Veterans in Houston

Welcome to United Veterans Health Centers, Inc. (UVHC), an exceptional homeless veterans placement and assisted living facility dedicated to serving senior and disabled veterans with the utmost care and respect. Nestled within the vibrant community of Houston, Texas, UVHC stands as a beacon of unwavering support ...

Our Commitment to Professional Discipline

At United Veterans Health Centers, Inc. (UVHC), we proudly carry forward the professional discipline instilled by the military, as we are veteran-owned and operated. This distinctive aspect of our identity brings a level of dedication, commitment, and excellence that is deeply ingrained in our ethos.
As veterans ...

Empowering Change and Elevating Care

We embrace a steadfast commitment to spearheading transformative change within the realm of assisted living services. Driven by the collective experience and expertise of our seasoned management team, we stand at the forefront of innovation in problem-solving and policy implementation. This dynamic approach ...